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4 weeks to a balanced, strong, and healthy gut

 Anxiety. Depression. Bloating. IBS. Acne. Poor immunity. Hormonal imbalance.

They can often seem like hopeless and debilitating problems. But I’ll let you in on a little secret, they don’t have to be.

These issues all have one thing in common: our gut.


This course will:

  • show you how to have a balanced and nourished gut
  • show you how to clear up your acne for good
  • teach you how to stabilize your mood with food and be able to overcome anxiety and depression, along with the physical self care work
  • show you how to have strong immunity and fight off sickness
  • show you how to reduce and mitigate negative side effects from food
  • show you how to restore your gut heatlh


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This course is not complicated and it will not be overwhelming. It is designed to fit into your busy life. For you to make real, lasting, and sustainable changes so that you can reduce or eliminate your negative symptoms and be in the best possible state of health. The course is all about healing our physical, emotional, and psychological problems from the inside, from our gut.

Everything is plant based including the foods and supplements. No meats, cheeses, or bone broth. All natural, whole, plant based foods and supplements. Because it's what your body wants and needs. 

When we are healthy, have energy, feel alive, are free of mental clutter, and can step into our full selves then we can truly start living the life of our dreams. It starts from within.

So lets get to work!


Module Videos

This 4 week long course covers how to eliminate offending foods and toxins from your environment. We also cover what exactly you should put into your body and environment for optimal gut health. Each week will focus on one of these four R's: Remove, Repair, Restore and Replace. You get daily videos along with theme videos for the week. 

Daily Check-ins

The daily check-ins will ensure your accountability to the course and give you access to other information you will need to be as successful as possible.


During the course, you will receive daily emails. These emails will help keep you on track and outline the work for the day and week. I'll also give you all of the resources you need to guide you on the journey to restoring your gut health.

Lifetime Access

You get access to the course for life! You can go back and rewatch the course or read the emails as many times as you need over the course of your health journey. 


Investment of $147 for this lifetime course. Yes, that's it!

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I'm Alexis, the founder and coach at Wellness With Alexis. I specialize in plant based & holistic health and wellness solutions to help you live your ideal healthy life. I’m from the United States but has lived and have travelled throughout the world. I began my health journey 13 years ago when I started to cut out meat. Since then I was pescatarian, vegetarian, and now am vegan.

I’ve overcome cystic acne, anxiety, and depression through healthy habits and healing my gut. I’m here to help you reclaim your health and sustain it for the long term as long as you work alongside me.

It’s your time to step into your ideal healthy life in a simple, realistic, and sustainable way.

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+ What if I want to know more?

I would love to chat with you about how the course works, if it’s a good fit, and how to utilize it to your best advantage. You can book a call with me here.

+ What Are The Specifics?

The course is a four week long course with four large videos and smaller daily videos. Accompanying this is daily emails with reminders, links, and check-ins to keep you going. There is an additional coaching package you can add if you’d like further support, customization, and accountability.

+ Will It Really Work?

Will you put in the work? If the answer is YES then you will absolutely see results. As long as you follow the course along for the four weeks and put in the effort towards better health you are going to see real, sustainable, and energizing results. If for some reason you are unsatisfied with the course and can prove to me that you followed along for the full four weeks you are able to get a 50% refund.

+ How long do I have access to the course?

How does forever sound? Good? Well, great because you have it for that long!

+ Is there a payment plan?

Yes! You can pay the full price all at once via PayPal or you can choose the option of a two time payments plan (biweekly) at $75. If for some reason you have questions about the payment plan or you would like to inquire about other options, you can email Alexis at hello@wellnesswithalexis.org.